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Who we are...
Our customers' success depends on us being responsive, imaginative and technically precise. We pride ourselves on the talent and knowledge developed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa since 2006 in support of Liberty turbine operations throughout North America.
At Clipper Windpower, we strive to support our customers and their existing Liberty 2.5MW wind turbine fleets by providing OEM knowledgeable gearbox and component part refurbishment services, as well as maintaining a full line of wind turbine service parts.

Energy drives our world and our economy. Wind energy - clean, renewable and cost competitive - is a practical solution. We believe sustaining cost effective wind energy production is our collective challenge. Welcome to Clipper Windpower!
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We recognize that providing reliable service incorporates the skills of a seasoned workforce while utilizing established processes, quality standards, specialized tooling and proven test procedures.
Having a problem with reliable repair or sourcing of your wind turbine component parts? Our organization is sized to respond promptly to your specific individual needs. Give our experts at Clipper a call today. It would be our pleasure to discuss your future needs.